Recipe: Cucumber Bites

Impress guests with this 5 minute recipe that is also healthier than average, bite sized, handheld, and cheap! It’s gluten free and vegetarian also and can be made vegan with vegan cream cheese substitutes (like some soft nut cheeses out there which taste pretty good). The best part of these bites is that they can be made ahead of time and pulled out just before serving.

Cucumber Bites

Recipe: Chicken with Snow Peas

This is actually a really easy to make meal. It isn’t exactly like take out but it’s also not completely healthy either so it fills that need for take out without having to do too much work and unlike a lot of Chinese-American food it isn’t fried so it’s not too terrible as long as you’re not worried about salt content. You can easily switch out snow peas for broccoli/other vegetables or add them in this one dish, just make sure to par-boil or soften them in the microwave beforehand so it all cooks together.

Chicken with Snow Peas


Recipe: Aloo Dahi

If you’re unfamiliar with Aloo Dahi, it’s basically pan-fried potatoes that are sitting in a spicy yogurt sauce. It’s a really cheap, easy, and filling recipe that can be served with rice, naan, dosa, etc. It has a delicious flavor and it’s soft texture makes the dish feel very home-y.

Aloo Dahi

Recipe: Sauteed Corn Salad

I’m always looking for really simple side dishes because it’s just hard to get motivated to cook more than mains and this roasted corn dish can be made with frozen or canned corn even making it a super simple way to round out a meal. I was hesitant to put olive oil and butter in to the dish but I think the extra flavor really makes a difference.

Sauteed Spicy Corn Salad

Recipe: Taco Skillet

Basically just a fancy (or non-fancy) name for a taco bowl or burrito bowl of fajita bowl whatever we’re calling it now a day. This is a super simple one skillet meal that you dress up however you like. This is hearty dish that is easily served over rice or even Fritos depending how you feel that day.

Taco Skillet