About Me

I am a 30 year old lifelong food enthusiast who likes to pack lunches that make me actually want to eat them by the middle of the day but nothing so complicated as to take more than a few minutes to put together.

Originally from New York, and currently in Tallinn, Estonia I make every day, relatively healthy food for me and my husband with a specific focus on food that can be prepared ahead of time for lunches and leftovers. I don’t prescribe to any one particular diet though I have a personal taste for vegetarian food and I don’t eat red meat or pork (I just don’t care for them) and I have a knack for playing around with spices and flavors.

Armed with the desire to eat lots of different food and a love of menus this site combines my (mostly) budget-savvy lifestyle with recipes that I think the average person with a little cooking know-how would be able to execute. Unlike most food blog where the recipes are accompanied by a dozen pictures to scroll through and long winded texts about childhood walks through the park this blog is simply a place for just the recipe and handful of notes, pictures of bentos, and menu plans with their shopping lists. It’s that simple.

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