Recipe: English Muffins

These aren’t too much work and will produce muffins with pretty good nooks and crannies for a great side dish with breakfast or a nice base for a sandwich. The only downside is that the batter needs to be made at least 3 hours ahead of time but that also means you can make the dough the night before and simply bake them in the morning. I baked mine on the stove in a cast iron pan but you can bake them only in the oven if you do not have a good heavy bottomed pan.

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Recipe: Panzanella

This is a great recipe for the summer because it’s not really cooking, it can be served cold, and it takes very minimal effort to make. Basically a dressed up bread salad and while I feel like it’s usually an appetizer dish, in the summer paired some fruit it could easily be a whole meal especially if you use really hearty bread (I used a thick seed-filled sourdough), this would pair really well with a nice piece of grilled fish or meat for a BBQ or cookout also.

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Recipe: Cake Salé

This is a great breakfast recipe or even a lazy hot summer afternoon. It’s basically a savory cake (as the name implies) that you can customize any way you want. I put cheese and vegetables in mine but you could easily add any type of meat or nuts or anything else your imagination wants as long as it is chopped thinly and not watery. It rises but not much so if you want bread-like slices you’ll need a narrow pan not a loaf pan. This is good plain or with a bit of butter or cream cheese and would be really nice at a tea party too.

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Recipe: Country Loaf

This is my go-to bread recipe. It’s not exactly no knead (I cannot understand the Internet’s obsession with no knead bread though) but it’s a very low effort bread. The original is made of a combination of bread flour and wheat flour but I actually ended up (after 10 different loaves) using white flour and rye instead because I like the denser, chewier texture you get. You can adjust the percentages to your liking this is just my personal taste. This is really good toasted with some butter or jam and makes a very hearty sandwich bread.

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Recipe: Kartoffelknödel

I’m a fan of potato recipes and I find these Kartoffelknödel (literally “potato balls”) to be both really fun to eat and extremely easy to make. They’re kind of bland on their own but they go exceptionally well with any type of cream sauce (in the picture it is a mushroom cream sauce) or alongside a very gravy-laden meat meal and they might even be fun to put in a thick cheese soup for some texture and chew.

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Recipe: Tuscan Soup

Originally I was supposed to use white beans in this soup but I only had chickpeas on hand and those worked just fine. When I made this a second time I did use the white beans which were just as good but I also chopped the chard much finer which is my best suggestion otherwise this absolutely delicious soup is not to be missed. I wouldn’t skimp on the heavy cream it is what takes the soup over the top. I found this soup to be too filling for extras but no one would complain if you made a nice bread with it I’m sure.

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Recipe: Spicy Cheesy Rolls

The recipe so nice I made it two weeks in a row. This is a really super simple tear and share style bread which is basically savory cinnamon rolls. If you weren’t in the mood to make your own roll dough you could probably substitute ready made pizza dough as well. The original recipe called for a spicy masala paste but all I had on hand was harissa, I imagine any fairly dry sauce or paste like pesto would do but even a savory jam would probably be nice.

Spicy Cheese Rolls

Recipe: Squash-Carrot Soup

Technically you don’t have to roasted the squash before you make this soup but the flavor is much richer if you do and it’s easier to cut squash up if you roast it first. You can absolutely used pre-cut squash and roast that also. This soup is a real warm winter treat and can be topped off with crushed nuts, breadcrumbs, or grated cheese. Paired with a nice roll or a salad it can easily be a full meal.

Squash-Carrot Soup

Recipe: Banana Bread

Couldn’t be simpler it’s what nature intended for all those bananas you seem to end up having leftover some weeks. Perfect with butter, jam, or a smear of cream cheese or even just by itself this recipe takes about 10 minutes to come together in a single bowl and the results are great. Add in coconut flakes, nuts, or even some chocolate chips to take it to the next level.

Banana Bread

Recipe: Apple Cinnamon Crepes

These are pretty easy to make and they seriously look impressive despite having only a handful of ingredients. I like the really delicious childhood flavors of apple and cinnamon together. You can top this with powered sugar instead of mascarpone if you prefer and feel free to make the apple topping as complicated or simple as you like (I added ginger, nutmeg, and cardamom and used honey instead of sugar) so just have a good time with it.

Apple Cinnamon Crepes