Menu: Thinking Man

Here’s my menu for this week. I usually make all or almost all of everything listed on a given menu though I tend to eat things out of order (sometimes you’re just not in the mood for something or you don’t want to cook a complex dish on the weekend like you thought you would). You can always see the food I actually made on Friday when I post my weekly lunch compilation on @mabmadefood. As usual this menu only has lunches and dinners because we always eat the same breakfast.

Monday piroshki

Tuesday coconut lentils
cornbread + chili

Wednesday piroshki
fleishnacka (freezer)

Thursday cornbread + chili
coconut lentils

Friday surimi bowl
chana palak masala

Saturday leftovers

Sunday eggs and toast


surimi bowl
cornbread + chili
coconut lentils

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