Menu: The Program

Trying to be consistent here.

Menus will be posted on the weekend. A recipe on Tuesday and then a bento on Thursday (if I’ve packed any). I have a bunch of recipes saved up that hopefully I will sort of march right through in the coming week so I’ll give myself some fodder and even if I don’t post the menu there always is one so that’s easy enough :p

lunch: ravioli (frozen)
dinner: baked cod, couscous, vegetables

lunch:  pancakes
dinner: veggie-stuffed lasagna

lunch: tandoori chicken, creamed spinach
dinner: roasted tomato and chicken pasta

lunch: sandwiches and salad
dinner: homemade pizza

lunch: grilled chicken wrap with Siracha aioli
dinner: trailer trash rice bake

lunch: tandoori chicken and creamed spinach
dinner: minestrone soup with bread

lunch: sandwiches and salad
dinner: leftovers

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