Menu: Queue Maker

I’ve almost caught up my queue of recipes so this weekend I’ll be hunkering down and adding more to the queue. It helps to not have to post every single week and just do it all in one go. Since we had a lot of company this past week I’m making very simple dishes so I can enjoy only having a feed 2 people šŸ™‚

Saturday –
lunch: leftover pasta
dinner: gyro salad

Sunday –
lunch: left over salad
dinner: chicken and mushroom pastry

Monday –
lunch: cous cous w/ zucchini and tomatoes
dinner: pizza

Tuesday –
lunch: sandwhiches
dinner: dal palak

Wednesday –
lunch: leftover pastries
dinner: mushroom ravioli

Thursday –

lunch: leftover curry
dinner: trailer trash rice

Friday –
lunch: leftover rice dish
dinner: out at TBD

I’ll also be making some rolls to go with dinner and I’m going to try making graham crackers as well. Hopefully they come out edible! Keep cooking~

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