Menu: February

It’s so hard to keep up with menu when you don’t have the CSA pushing you along in my experience. Having a couple “dud” recipes also pretty disheartening and I’ve started a photo blogging project and have been avoiding taking picture of all my lovely food experiments. I’ve actually had 3 disappointments and only 2 recipes to share (neither with pictures). I’ve also been awful to completely awful with bentos but that is another story entirely. Also we’ll be in LA from Friday to next Monday so no meal plans then :3

Hopefully I’ll keep on top of it next week.

Lunch – leftover pasta
Dinner – chicken curry (Japanese style)

Lunch – leftover curry, rolls, fruit
Dinner – chicken tortilla soup w/ cheese bread

Lunch – stir fry, oranges, cheese
Dinner – turkey meatloaf

Lunch – leftover meatloaf, cheese and crackers
Dinner – soup

Lunch – couscous w/ zucchini
Dinner – pizza

Lunch – baked eggs with spinach
Dinner – pasta w/ mixed veg

In LA with friends!

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