Menu: Classy Lady

I’ve dedicated myself to doing the menus online again (I do them every week by hand anyway or I wouldn’t know what to buy obviously). I’m about to make a quick run for pudding and wine which is a long story but I thought I’d post my menu for the week before I do.

lunch: pancakes with jam
dinner: rogan josh

lunch: couscous w/ vegetables
dinner: chili lime shrimp

lunch: leftover curry
dinner: omelets

lunch: veg. soup
dinner: baked fish w/ salsa (potatoes on side)

lunch: spinach/cheese piroshikis
dinner: mushroom ravioli

lunch: sandwhiches
dinner: out @ event

lunch: leftovers
dinner: sweet and sour chicken

We finally ran out of meat (there had been a great sale on turkey and chicken last month we’d been able to buy about 8lbs for only $15 all together) so I expect this week to be more expensive than usual but still not over budget of course.

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