Menu: Birthday Wishes

CSA week 15
This is week 15 for our CSA, only 3 more until we have to bid it farewell until next summer. We’ll be buying a smaller box since the full size one was just too much food for 2 people! Which is fine because the smaller box is $7 less a week which will save us $100 over the season!

I’ve been working hard at Christmas crafts so still a bit light on cooking but I should be finished with my projects in 2-3 weeks. Below is the CSA contents and menu.

6 ears sweet corn
1.5 pounds potatoes
1 red kuri squash

2 watermelon radishes
2 bunches arugula
2 green peppers
2 jalapeno peppers

3 peaches
6 mini plums
3 apples

lunch – salad and apple
dinner – sandwhiches

lunch – salad and peaches
dinner – Blackened Sol w/ Maque Choux

lunch – pancakes
dinner – out

lunch – chicken curry
dinner – sweet Corn and Shrimp Chowder

lunch – salad
dinner – squash soup

lunch – leftovers

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