Menu #6 of 2024

Here’s my menu for the week. I usually make all or almost all of everything listed on a given menu though I tend to eat things out of order. Recipes are linked at the bottom and you can see my latest food creation at @mabmadefood. As usual, this menu only has lunches and dinners because we always eat the same breakfast.

Monday tex mex casserole
chicken pot pie

Tuesday thai peanut noodles
ravioli in cream sauce

Wednesday sopa di fideo, cheese rolls
chicken pot pie, dessert

Thursday tex mex casserole
shakshuka, naan

Friday sopa di fideo, cheese rolls

Saturday leftovers
spätzle mit pilzen

Sunday toast and eggs
sweet and sour tofu


tex mex casserole
chicken pot pie (whole wheat crust)
thai peanut noodles
sopa di fideo
cheese rolls
spätzle mit pilzen
sweet and sour tofu

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