Bento: A Big Downer

Last week has a huge downer and I feel like you can actually see that in my food. Even though I managed to make a whopping all five lunches I feel like they’re less cute and less interesting than they had any right to be. Also, so many apple. So many.

14906974_10104089259133853_2496174209349639746_nCaramelized Onion and goat cheese tart, side salad, tomato soup, apple 14963175_10104089259173773_8933468664974699667_nBaked Chicken with Apple and Rosemary, Spiced Rice, Carrots and Hummus, Kiwi 14947936_10104089259203713_6022050872317070053_nLentil Falfel, Yogurt Sauce, Couscous, Apple 14962775_10104089259238643_6712710973078434806_nVegetable Lasagna, Side Salad, Apple and Kiwi 15073487_10104089259283553_6074216847284533570_nSquash and White Bean Saute, Cornbread, Apple


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