Bento: #4

Even though I have more time to make food, I am still trying to keep things simple. When you I have an unlimited time frame to do something one of either two things happens: I procrastinate and never get anything done OR I pick extremely over elaborate things and I waste all the extra time I had on making it. I don’t want to replace 8 hours working with 8 hours cooking. I’m trying to remember that going forward.

Potato latke, sour cream and hot sauce, spicy pickles, carrots and hummus, apple Coconut Curry Chicken and Rice Soup, salad, banana Roasted vegetable pasta (sauce on the side), breadsticks, grapes, cheese, cherry tomatoes Shrimp fried rice, spicy pickles, boiled egg, orange Cheese and bean quesadillas, sour cream and salsa, spiced rice salad, oranges

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