Meta: Vegan

I added a new category for “vegan” recipes.

I pretty much never intend to make vegan food but in the course of making vegetarian food I do make plenty of vegan food as well. This tag will include recipes that are vegan (naturally!) or ones that would easily be vegan by replacing the cooking fat (usually butter) with oil or honey with sugar in places where it won’t too significantly change the recipe at all. Most of these don’t EXPLICITLY say to replace these products so but I will attempt to suggest it in future posts I plan to tag as vegan.

While in a technical way you could make my Broccoli-Cheddar Soup with vegan milk substitutes and vegan cheese, the consistency of the recipe would likely be pretty heavily changed and you’d have a way better time finding recipes already geared around those ingredients.

Most recipes of course can be adapted to be vegan, some by simply removing meat or replacing it with a meat substitute or by using vegan substitutes for butter, milk, and eggs but you might notice I don’t really eat meat substitutes and I’m not a fan of things like seitan and tofu in place of meat so I’m going to just trust you’ll make your best judgements about recipes and I’ll keep trying to helpfully tag recipes.

Happy cooking!

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