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The weather has not been kind to us in Seattle this month and it’s been a roller coaster of hot and cold over the past 3 weeks including 2 days of snow. Usually it’s about 55 in March but this year I think the average is more like 35 (burrr!).

Saturday –
lunch: eggs w/ loose veg
dinner: shrimp viennese

Sunday –
lunch: turkey sandwiches + fruit
dinner: roasted chicken and potatoes, rolls, chocolate tart

Monday –
lunch: minestrone, rolls, fruit
dinner: mushroom ravioli

Tuesday –
lunch: sandwiches
dinner: lazy chicken masala

Wednesday –
lunch: leftover masala
dinner: pasta w/ veg

Thursday –
lunch: chicken chili
dinner: shakshuka

Friday –
lunch: chili
dinner: burritos

Hopefully I will manage all this cooking but first I have to do all the house cleaning and shopping today 🙂

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