Menu: Every Other Time

Here’s my menu for this week. I usually make all or almost all of everything listed on a given menu though I tend to eat things out of order (sometimes you’re just not in the mood for something or you don’t want to cook a complex dish on the weekend like you thought you would). You can always see how I did on Friday’s when I post my weekly lunch compilation on @mabmadefood. As usual this menu only has lunches and dinners because we always eat the same breakfast.

Monday mushroom lasagna, salad

Tuesday pb and j, crackers and cheese
fish and chips

Wednesday croquettes, salad
zucchini galette

Thursday harira
stir fry

Friday zucchini galette
fleichnacka (freezer)

Saturday french toast
Fesenjān, saffron rice, sour loaf cake

Sunday leftovers
savory crepes (cheese and spinach)


zucchini galette
stir fry
savory crepes

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