Menu: Curious Cat

Ha! It’s only 11:00pm it still counts!

lunch: salad w/ feta, grapes
dinner: pizza

lunch: thai curry, hummus, grapes
dinner: veggie stir fry (bok choy, snap peas, garlic, red pepper, onions, eggs)

lunch: salad w/ feta, boiled egg, cherries
dinner: stuffed baked potatoes w/ side salad

lunch: turkey sandwiches, yogurt w/ maple syrup, apples
dinner: baked cod w/ couscous

lunch: out with friends
dinner: chicken and corn tostada

lunch: leftovers
dinner: BBQ slow cooker chicken, mixed veg side, and biscuits or burger buns

lunch: black bean tacos w/ veg, cheese, and salsa
dinner: pasta w/ veggies

lunch: something from the bento book
dinner: pot pie if CSA has goodies, galette if not.

Gotta love the uncertainty of CSA huh? I’m still waiting for parsley (we’re been getting cilantro like crazy instead). We’ve gotten some lavender this week too which I will dry out and likely use for cleaning instead of cooking just for some nice spring in the house.

Also since we’re having company Saturday day I might make mini strawberry (or cherry) pie though I’m considering some form of muffin as well. Muffins just seem less…summery.

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