Menu: CSA Start

Since our CSA box comes on Tuesday it’s going to take a week or two to adjust to shopping (probably) Tuesday nights after eating dinner. Thankfully I planned out this week pretty well so I just need to drop by the store for mushrooms and I might keep shopping on Saturday’s because it’s just more convenient. Anyway, menus on Tuesday’s from here on out until the CSA ends.

Tuesday –
dinner: trailer trash rice

Wednesday –
lunch: pancakes, yogurt, stawberries
dinner: baked egg souffles

Thursday –
lunch: feta salad with breadsticks
dinner: chicken meatloaf

Friday –
lunch: leftover chicken loaf
dinner: turnip gratin

Saturday –
lunch: pasta with spinach
dinner: leftovers

Sunday –
lunch: vindaloo
dinner: homemade pizza

Monday –
lunch: piroshki
dinner: ravioli

Tuesday –
lunch: couscous
dinner: chicken chili

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