Menu: But It’s Complicated

I’m doing some house sitting for the next two weeks but we won’t be going over there until Tuesday so I kind of don’t want to shop until I can shop at the place I’ll be staying so the menu is a little messy for the next week. Good thing I made too much food last week!

Saturday cucumber and carrots sushi (for Rob’s)
dinner @ Rob’s

Sunday chopped liver toasts, salad
pasta with vegetables

Monday hummus warp, salad, boiled egg, fruit
chicken pot pie pie

Tuesday mushroom stroganoff, carrots and hummus, fruit
homemade pizza

Wednesday chicken pot pie, salad, apple
out @ Milan

Thursday kofta, rice, fruit
out @ Jurgen’s (beet salad)

Friday trash casserole, carrots and hummus, fruit
malai kofta

Things to Cook

cucumber sushi
malai kofta
chicken pot pie
no knead crockpot bread
mushroom stroganoff
hummus wrap

Shopping List


Rainbow Lasagna

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