Menu: Bonfire Day

Going to a bonfire tonight and we’re doing dinner out in downtown for Monday since we’re going to a SIFF movie so it’ll be an interesting week I think. This is a more simple menu than usual I think but hopefully that just means more time for everything else :3

Saturday –
lunch: cereal, sausage and eggs
dinner: out @ bonfire

Sunday –
lunch: grilled cheese sandwich + chicken rice soup
dinner: chicken stuffed with feta, almonds, and spinach

Monday –
lunch: tikka masala
dinner: out @ TBD

Tuesday –
lunch: sandwiches
dinner: baked fish w/ couscous

Wednesday –
lunch: tikka masala
dinner: ravioli

Thursday –
lunch: sandwiches
dinner: chicken and rice soup w/ biscuits

Friday –
lunch: leftovers
dinner: breakfast for dinner (pancakes and eggs)

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