Free Cookbook 2024

We’re trying something wild and new today! And by today I mean for the last 6 months!

I’ve been working on making a cookbook for the past few months and I made it myself with only free tools so it’s not exactly as spiffy and polished as I’d like to be but at this point I think it’s ready to be released into the wild.

Since I am only one mere mortal please refrain from pointing out errors to me. I spent several weeks trying to edit and check for errors but I’m sure there are a few a missed, there are pages with kerning issues, and other problems but this book should allow you to achieve the goal of making some delicious food so any of its other flaws should be forgiven!

None of the recipes on here are unique, they’re all pulled from this very website! But what is new is a full image menu, a planning page, shopping list, pictures, and suggestions for what to pair food with for lunches (or dinners)! There’s even some basic guidance on how I meal plan that you might be interested too!

The best part of these exclusive deal is that the cost to you, dear reader, is nothing! This book is entirely free for download and save to your computer, e-reader, or phone so you can use these recipes anywhere you are even if you don’t have delicious wifi.

I hope that you enjoy it and I hope to make more of these in the future now that I’ve gotten over the learning curve of making a book by myself (and what a learning curve that was!)

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