Recipe: Crab Cream Croquettes

I absolutely adored these. They’re pretty simple to make and you can use canned crab or those krabsticks that are really fish puree to make them. They go well with thick dipping sauces and you can make them ahead of time and freeze them before frying for a crowd or for an easy lunch.

Crab Cream Croquettes

Recipe: Spicy Chicken Sandwich

The original recipe touted that this is a copycat of Wendy’s but honestly it doesn’t really taste anything like Wendy’s except for the part where it’s spicy and fried chicken. Nothing wrong with that and this was an absolutely delicious and great sandwich/burger but just don’t expect a miracle of replicating the deliciousness of a professional level deep fryer in your house.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Recipe: Chicken with Snow Peas

This is actually a really easy to make meal. It isn’t exactly like take out but it’s also not completely healthy either so it fills that need for take out without having to do too much work and unlike a lot of Chinese-American food it isn’t fried so it’s not too terrible as long as you’re not worried about salt content. You can easily switch out snow peas for broccoli/other vegetables or add them in this one dish, just make sure to par-boil or soften them in the microwave beforehand so it all cooks together.

Chicken with Snow Peas


Recipe: Turkey Burger

I’m sure there’s only about 1000 recipes for turkey burgers. In the end it’s basically a reverse meatloaf in some ways but I also thought these burgers came out perfectly and they took less time than I assumed. By adding some finely chopped vegetables to the recipe, I think it keeps them moist while also stretching the amount of burgers you get from a pound of meat.

Turkey Burgers

Recipe: Homemade Spaghettios with Meatballs

This is a delicious change from soup and a nice throwback to a lot of peoples childhoods. I haven’t had Spaghettios in probably over a decade and I’ve never eaten the one with meatballs but I can almost assure you this one is way more delicious than the one in a can and honestly, very easy to make! You can sub in any type of meatballs or leave them out for a vegetarian version.

Homemade Spaghettios with Meatballs

Recipe: Salmon and Leek Quiche

While I do have a perfectly good quiche recipe already posted, this combination of things is completely out of this world and deserves it’s own recipe. Also in this one I used the shortcut of freezer puff pastry which creates a light vehicle for this but you can make your own crust or even use a pie crust if that’s how you want to do it.

Salmon and Leek Quiche