Recipe: Kreplach

These are really delicious and you can speed up the whole process if you use store brought stock or just make a really big batch and freeze the kreplach dumplings separate from the soup. I do have to admit this is a chore to make all at once and takes a LONG time to come together but it’s worth it for special people or a special occasion.


Recipe: Fleischnacka (Meat Snails)

This is a pretty unique recipe from the Alsatian region in France. It’s what you’d get if you combined stew, pasta, and a wrap all at once. While it does take a bit of time I found that you can freeze the rolls and then simply cook them right from the freezer which means this is a great ahead of time meal since the final steps after making the roll is fairly easy. In the future I would process the vegetables for a smoother consistency but I didn’t really mind the texture either, just made them a little harder to hold together.

Fleischnacka (Meat Snails)

Recipe: Chili Fries

Take french fries (or really, in this case roasted potatoes) to the next level by adding chili on top of it. This comes together surprisingly quickly and can be topped with anything from cheese to jalapenos and ranch if that’s what floats your boat.

Chili Fries

Recipe: Spicy Chicken Sandwich

The original recipe touted that this is a copycat of Wendy’s but honestly it doesn’t really taste anything like Wendy’s except for the part where it’s spicy and fried chicken. Nothing wrong with that and this was an absolutely delicious and great sandwich/burger but just don’t expect a miracle of replicating the deliciousness of a professional level deep fryer in your house.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Recipe: Chicken with Snow Peas

This is actually a really easy to make meal. It isn’t exactly like take out but it’s also not completely healthy either so it fills that need for take out without having to do too much work and unlike a lot of Chinese-American food it isn’t fried so it’s not too terrible as long as you’re not worried about salt content. You can easily switch out snow peas for broccoli/other vegetables or add them in this one dish, just make sure to par-boil or soften them in the microwave beforehand so it all cooks together.

Chicken with Snow Peas



Recipe: Yakisoba, Oyakodon Style

I love Oyakodon and Yakisoba so for this dish I decided to combined the best of both worlds and then top it with a perfect little fried egg hat. The dish is definitely one best saved for a special occasion thanks to a considerable amount of work but it not fail to impress any guest.

Yakisoba, Oyakodon Style


Recipe: Chicken Goulash (Austrian Style)

I find this goulash to be completely addicting. Something about stewing chicken in tomatoes makes them irresistible to me (see also : Chicken Vindaloo). This is a pretty easy to make, it requires a small amount of up front work for browning the chicken but after that it basically cooks itself and you simply come back and collect it at the end. It’s served by itself sometimes but more likely on top of spaetzle (egg noodles), pasta, rice, mashed potatoes or even bread.

Chicken Goulash