Bento: #6

I think salads are boring but it’s what Andrew wants so I guess I’ll just keep packing them and be bored out of my mind looking at these pictures. I keep wanting to shake things up but I’ve been really slacking on my meal prep so I never get around to it. I was hoping to get some back end stuff done this weekend but it didn’t really happen so we just gotta march on.

Baked len

Baked Falafel, Chili-Yogurt Sauce, Salad, Roasted Spiced Potatoes, Apple

Chicken Goulash, Rice, Salad with Carrots, Apple

Minestrone, Bread, Salad, Cherry Tomatoes, Apple

Aloo Dahi (pan fried potatoes in yogurt sauce), Rice, Carrots and Hummus, Strawberries

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