Recipe: Squid Ink Pasta with Crab Meat

Even though this looks like a very fiddly meal, it’s actually not a big deal. I’ve been making pasta quite a lot lately since I bought a pasta maker and it’s both really easy and satisfying. You can always buy the squid ink pasta and simply make the topping / sauce which make this a 15 minute meal if you have lump crab or canned crab. For sure this meal turns any night into a very fancy date night.

Squid Ink Pasta with Crab Meat

Recipe: Crab Rangoon

These are a great thing to make ahead of time with pre-made wonton wrapped. I used surimi to make them even cheaper and easier but you can use canned crab or already shedded crab and it’ll be just as good if not better. These freeze (pre-fry) very well and then take just a few minutes to make so they’re great for a party, side dish, or snacking.

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Recipe: Spicy Surumi Bowl

I’ve recently become extremely fond of this super simple recipe. You can put whatever you like in the bowl on top of rice or other grains along with the spicy surumi mixture: pickled vegetables, shredded cabbage, nori, fishcake, spinach, carrots, the sky is the limit. The blend of spicy sauce with fatty mayo and vinegar and salty surumi makes this surprisingly good even though I don’t usually like mayo all that much.

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Recipe: Salted Cod Balls

I made these for my Eurovision party on account of Eurovision was in Portugal this year and after spending a week there last year I fell in love with salted cod, locally known as bacalhau. While I had to make my own salted cod it doesn’t involve more than just a little time and a lot of salt. You can skip that part if you really want to save time and just make sure to thoroughly salt your mashed potato mixture instead.

Salted Cod Balls

Recipe: Crab Cream Croquettes

I absolutely adored these. They’re pretty simple to make and you can use canned crab or those krabsticks that are really fish puree to make them. They go well with thick dipping sauces and you can make them ahead of time and freeze them before frying for a crowd or for an easy lunch.

Crab Cream Croquettes


Recipe: Fish Cakes

So I think the secret to fish cake is just to make sure that they’re more fish than anything else. You want just enough other things to help them stay together but it should all be in service to the fish. Also just a little oil if you’re frying them in the pan, less than you think you need.

Fish Cakes

Recipe: Salmon and Leek Quiche

While I do have a perfectly good quiche recipe already posted, this combination of things is completely out of this world and deserves it’s own recipe. Also in this one I used the shortcut of freezer puff pastry which creates a light vehicle for this but you can make your own crust or even use a pie crust if that’s how you want to do it.

Salmon and Leek Quiche

Recipe: Tom Yum Goong

Strange life events have led me to think of Tom Yum Goong as a comfort food when sick. This recipe and resulting soup don’t look like much but they pack a surprising amount of flavor and heat in a very unsuspecting way. If you have a cold, this soup take only 15 minutes to come together and does a good job of helping your body kill germs.

Tom Yum Goong

Recipe: Okonomiyaki

Basically okonomiyaki are like a savory Japanese pancake that is shoved with whatever you like (the word okonomiyaki is literally “what you want”). This is a pretty basic one with just some dried tuna flakes and cabbage but you can pretty much put in anything you want from blue cheese to fish eggs to ground bison – whatever you have laying around. You can pick up the Japanese ingredients in a specialty Asian store or on Amazon.



Recipe: Salmon Onigiri

Onigiri are fairly simply to make, they’re just balls of rice that are often shaped in to a triangle like shape and then covered in nori (dried seaweed). These ones are a bit upgraded mixing in some baked and season salmon to up the flavor content. These are best eaten same day but you can wrap them in plastic wrap to have them keep for an extra day or two.

Salmon Onigiri