Recipe: Squash and Black Bean Chili

A quick filling chili that gets the job done. This is even more delicious with a nice heaping of sour cream and hot sauce or some crunchy tortilla chips / pieces to jazz it up. It packs good flavor on its own and has a bunch of textures but it just needs a little something…

Recipe: Vegetable Hummus Wraps

I don’t usually feel like you need a recipe to make a wrap but this was a great combo of ingredients so I’m going to let it slide this one time. Please make this very simple and delicious wrap (I made it with lavash because that’s what available here but you can make it with…

Recipe: Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup

This soup has a wonderful simplicity to it.  Sometimes coconut in soup can be really cloyingly sweet of overwhelming but in this soup its nicely balanced with the soft flavor of rice and the heartiness of mushroom. Since this takes only a few minutes to come together it’s perfect for when you don’t feel well…

Recipe: Mushroom Ragu

This is one of those recipes that doesn’t seem like much but it takes mushrooms from a bland, boring food to the perfect topping for almost anything. I used this ragu smothered over the tops of popovers but it’d be great on polenta, over rice, and even as a pasta sauce.

Recipe: Matzo

I’m going to level with you that if you can just buy matzo where you are, there just isn’t a reason to make it. It tastes pretty close to the same, if not just a touch fresher. In this way the recipe is easy but not amazing. Also if you’re anything like me, you will…

Recipe: Simple Bean Soup

A nice hearty beans and greens type soup that sticks to your ribs in cold weather. Hearty enough to be a meal when paired with some bread or a salad but light enough to be a side dish for a roast dinner too.

Recipe: Scallion Pancakes

These are like naan on steroids. They’re very unassuming but they were super quick to make and absolutely delicious. I didn’t do a great job at pan frying but they still were crispy and crunchy and completely satisfying. I made the dough the night before and then fried them up in the morning so that’s…

Recipe: Tex Mex Roll Ups

An easy appetizer for a party for a way to change up burritos for lunch. Served with salad or seasoned rice this is perfect for a lunch meal. You can add in almost any toppings you like so it’s also great for using up odds and ends.

Recipe: Refried Beans

A basic staple of cooking re-fried beans. I hemmed and hawed if I wanted to post this recipe because it’s so basic and also because I used to buy re-fried bean (gasp!) instead of making them but since moving to Estonia that is no longer an option so now I make my own. They’re super…

Recipe: Pesto Rolls

A fun side dish or a perfect handheld party food that feels like it was a lot of work and looks impressive but actually takes just a few minutes of effort to make AND is pretty cost effective. Combining just three ingredients it’s a no nonsense recipe that just tastes good.