Recipe: Cucumber Carrot Sushi Rolls

These are actually a lot easier to make then you’d think and while it’s a bit like pancakes (your first roll while likely not look great) each roll will keep improving. I’ve never particularly talented with my hands and these come out impressive anyway. The nice thing is that they have no fish or cooked…

Recipe: Tofu Laksa

I’m a big fan of spicy soups and this one is great with a really hearty spicy base and a lot of crunchy tofu and vegetables and noodles to make it extra delicious. You can add anything you like in including meat or seafood but I was in a crispy tofu mood when I was…

Recipe: Grilled Salmon in Miso Broth

Despite having a fancy name this is actually a fairly simple recipe that can be made basically any week night. I made some sweet potato mash and greens to go with it but a bagged salad and instant potatoes will still be good if you don’t have any effort to deal with making extra dishes.

Recipe: Aloo Matar Gobi

This is a super simple curry made from plenty of vegetables so that it is really filling. It’s a really dry curry so it’s especially good with some nice chewy bread or even yogurt as a side but it doesn’t end up with a gravy so there’s nothing to sop up. This would work really…

Recipe: Chraime

This is a great blend of fish and tomato sauce. It’s spicy, it’s creamy without cream, it’s soft but has a nice bite. It’s just an all around dish. This is best served over rice or couscous or with a nice crusty bread so you can sop up all the sauce.

Recipe: Acar Kuning Timun

A super simple side that takes vegetables to an absolutely delicious level. This comes together with just the chopping of a few vegetables and about 5-10 minutes of work making it a great side to make if you need something to spruce up a meal quickly.

Recipe: Hainanese Roasted Chicken

I make roasted chicken every now and then but I never posted a recipe for it because there’s not much to it. This is the first roasted chicken I feel compelled to share because it’s extra delicious and has just enough steps for me to feel like it might be a recipe more than just…

Recipe: Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream

This is a no-churn, no-ice cream maker ice cream but I learned a few tips I need to pass on to you. You have to have really whip the cream in order to get the height and fluffiness from the ice cream. You need to make sure your cream is at least 30% fat or…

Recipe: Chili Fries

Take french fries (or really, in this case roasted potatoes) to the next level by adding chili on top of it. This comes together surprisingly quickly and can be topped with anything from cheese to jalapenos and ranch if that’s what floats your boat.

Recipe: Cranberry and Apple Stuffed Turkey Breast

Okay, so this is not your everyday meal but it also isn’t all that difficult providing that you aren’t completely hopeless at pounding out turkey breast and tying things up with string. While it does have a few minutes of hands on work, after that the meal goes in the oven for a majority of…