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I only make menu plans for Monday-Friday because I’ve given up on weekends. Every weekend I think “I’m going to make X” and it just doesn’t pan out. Friends call, plans change, I end up 60 miles from  my house at 7pm.

I feel like this would make more sense if I’d already posted the picture of the CSA box we got on Thursday. I’ll try and be more prompt in doing so but I went to Portland for the weekend so nothing was prompt about it. I did snap two bentos already (todays, and one from last week) which will come someday.

The dinners are rough outlines as most of them don’t have recipes anyway (I mean I make quiches with a “general set of rules” and not a real recipe) but should anyone cruise by and want one I’d oblige.

Bento: Pasta w/ Tomato Sauce, Blueberries & peaches, snap peas
Dinner: Quiche
Make crackers (recipe on Tuesday)

Bento: Quiche, strawberries, and crackers
Dinner: Veggie Stir Fry (mushrooms, tomato, spinach, broccoli, chives, onions)

Bento: PB and J, Peaches, and Snap Peas
Dinner: Chicken Stew (chicken, potatoes, onion, tomatoes) and salad

Bento: Leftover stew and rice, leftover veggies/fruit
Dinner: Burritos (chicken, tomato, onion, cheese, chicken, sour cream, lettuce) + guac (avocado, lemon, cilantro, salt)
Make Blueberry-Lemon scones (recipe on Friday)
CSA day 😀

Bento: Leftover burrito bits and scone
Dinner: Pizza

I’m going to do this a little backwards I think and post my CSA stuff tomorrow even though I got it on Thursday. I’m trying to be timely I am…

Now, get cooking!

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