Menu: The only one day late, menu

Time seems to be getting away from me this week but still need to eat no matter what.

This week’s CSA contained: spinach, basil, onions, grapes, zucchini, peppers, carrots, potatoes, peaches, and apples

Breakfast – Pancakes with Jam
Lunch – Noodles w/ Vegetables in Broth
Dinner – Gyros

Breakfast – Eggs
Lunch – Chicken Chili
Dinner – Shrimp w/ Green Beans

Lunch – Leftovers, Peaches
Dinner – Mac and Cheese

Lunch – Sandwhich and Apple
Dinner – Chicken and Potatoes

Lunch – Couscous w/ Veggies
Dinner – Omelets w/ Veggies

Lunch – Soup and Peaches
Dinner – Tacos

Very boring week but I’m not feeling very creative or interested in cooking. Maybe that’ll change over the course of the week though?

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