Weekly Lunches: #32

Trying so hard this week and hopefully next week will be some delicious food too. I think this week was uniquely successful and I managed to get things done towards the beginning of the week so, good job.

Menu: Soirée

I love the summer because it feels like there’s a party every weekend (because there’s basically a party every weekend). I made some chocolate cupcakes for the one on Saturday which is pretty cool, otherwise it’s busy as usual. Saturday leftovers out @ party 🙂 Sunday eggs and toast vegetable ziti Monday hummus wraps, carrots…

Recipe: Cucumber Carrot Sushi Rolls

These are actually a lot easier to make then you’d think and while it’s a bit like pancakes (your first roll while likely not look great) each roll will keep improving. I’ve never particularly talented with my hands and these come out impressive anyway. The nice thing is that they have no fish or cooked…

Weekly Lunches: #31

I didn’t post this on Instagram so they’re unedited but they’re still pretty okay pictures and I’d rather have a record of them than not I suppose. I’ll do better next week, probably.

Menu: Late than Never

It’s definitely better to have a menu posted late (even after I’ve gone food shopping and started making food for the week) than never so here is that menu. I know I’ll leave some cooking for Monday also but hopefully I can get the bare minimum done on Sunday. Saturday rice soup + scones leftovers…

Recipe: Tofu Laksa

I’m a big fan of spicy soups and this one is great with a really hearty spicy base and a lot of crunchy tofu and vegetables and noodles to make it extra delicious. You can add anything you like in including meat or seafood but I was in a crispy tofu mood when I was…

Weekly Lunches: #30

I wish I were more consistent with this but this week I was living between two hours and we spent four days of the last week out until midnight or later with friends so just three lunches, yikes!

Menu: Norms and Out

Blerb Saturday leftovers torta pasqualina Sunday eggs and toast out @ Greta’s Monday coconut lentils, naan, salad, fruit lemon rice stew, tabbouleh Tuesday blini with salmon, horseradish cream and caviar, salad, fruit black bean enchiladas Wednesday lemon rice stew, tabbouleh, fruit pasta with vegetables Thursday savory scone, sweet scone, salad torta pasqualina Friday black bean…

Recipe: Grilled Salmon in Miso Broth

Despite having a fancy name this is actually a fairly simple recipe that can be made basically any week night. I made some sweet potato mash and greens to go with it but a bagged salad and instant potatoes will still be good if you don’t have any effort to deal with making extra dishes.

Menu: A Beach Party

I’m headed out to eat food and drink wine on the beach tonight which is awesome, I haven’t done that in a long time. The summer crushes my desire to cook though so this weeks menu is a little bland but thankfully I have recipes queued up until September! Saturday leftovers picnic at the beach…