Recipe: Ash Reshteh

I’d never heard of this soup before making it but it’s apparently very popular in Iran. I can’t say my version of it is particularly authentic or even if it got the spirit since I’ve never had it before but I can say that it was out of this world delicious. I had to use egg pasta and yogurt in place of the standard reshteh and kashk which probably completely the changes the dish but even if you can’t find those the substitutes still make a great tasting dish.

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Recipe: Migas

If you left your tortillas on the counter last now and they are now hard tack or if you have leftover tortillas but not enough to actually fry for chips this is the perfect way to use them up. Migas is supposed to be finest hangover cure as well and considering it’s a bomb of protein and carbs that’s probably not completely inaccurate but I’d stick with the fact that it’s a nice breakfast.

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Recipe: Potato Dumplings

Are these going to win an award for attractiveness? No. But they are really delicious and really simple to make. These are of the multitudes of recipes that calls for “leftover mashed potatoes” which I don’t actually believe in but if you want to eat potatoes but don’t exactly want mashed potatoes this is a great inbetween recipe. This could be the main dish or a side dish and you can make the mashed potatoes ahead of time so that it only takes 15 minutes for an easy last minute dinner.

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Recipe: Sticky Chicken

These are so good and they’re pretty easy to make that they’d be great for a nice weekend meal. They have that nice mix of salty, sweet, and heat that makes some foods really easy to eat. I served them over rice but they really needed more sauce for that to make sense so consider making twice as much sauce if you want to do that.

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Recipe: Nan-e Barbari

I’m always in support of making breads and this one is quick, easy, and delicious. The thing that separates this Iranian bread from other bread is a thick glaze that goes on before baking – a mixture of flour and oil that gives the top a nice crunch. It’s technically called a flat bread but it’s not quite flat, half-flat bread.

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Recipe: Vegetable Wontons

These vegetable wontons can be made ahead of time and frozen. You can make your own wrappers but I use store bought ones to cut down on the time and honestly, they’re just better than the ones I’ve ever been able to wmake at home. The Wontons can be steamed, pan fried, or added to soup. I find them to be very delicate in soup so probably next time I’ll give pan frying a try instead. This recipe is a bit of a time sink but if you make a big batch it’ll feel worth it on bad days when you have something special to eat.

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Recipe: Mushroom Paprikash

I love this recipe. It’s quick, it’s delicious, you can serve it on top of any carb you have on hand : rice, noodles, couscous, spƤtzle, even a baked potato. You do you. It also is made of very simple ingredients that I tend to have on hand and you only have to chop an onion and some mushrooms. If you add in some frozen peas or spinach you can get some green vegetables in there too and it’s just a nice balance of quick, easy, cheap, and delicious you don’t find in most recipes.

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Recipe: Blueberry Babka

I’ve become very enamored with Babka lately. There is something about the brioche-like texture and the sweet inside that really makes me happy but I actually do not like to stuff bread with chocolate and the cinnamon version always feels a little too dry so I decided to try a jam version and that is amazing. I can’t seem to make this without also getting jam all over the place but I’m sure that’s just a me-problem.

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Recipe: Lasagna

This is a great recipe from Bon Appetite. While it’s a little more involved than a weeknight meal or even a regular weekend meal for me personally this has a really fantastic result and is worth the effort for a dinner party or any other special occasion. You can scale this recipe up to make more than one tray but this made at least 8-10 good portions and at a party could be stretched to 16-18 people if served alongside other things.