Menu: The Long Wait

There hasn’t been much cooking from me for the past two months. No real reasons but I guess I just got sick of working so hard so mostly the things I made were the same few things over and over or quicker foods like pasta, pizza, and baked chicken. Sometimes we even ate canned soup or cereal for dinner *gasp*. I’m trying to get back in the swing with this menu.

lunch – leftover burritos
dinner – out @ unknown

lunch – pb & j, apples, carrots
dinner – pea and potato red curry

lunch – leftover curry + rice
dinner – shrimp and green beans

lunch – cous cous and veggies
dinner – soup

lunch – stir fry, orange
dinner – baked chicken w/ veggies

lunch – leftovers
dinner – out @ baracuda (free!)

lunch – fritatta
dinner – chicken briyani

Keep cooking.~

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