Menu: Now for the Exercize

I’m starting back up with exercise as well since I have a bit of extra weight I need to get rid of. I’m actually starting in a strange place: by buying a scale. You see I don’t own one which makes it nice and easy to ignore any weight gain until it’s really an issue. I’m at 120lbs now and I hoping to go down to 110 by the end of the summer. I know that’s not exactly super ambitious but I can assure you that if I could just lose 1 lb a week I’d be super peachy. And now for something a little more relevant:

lunch – pancakes
dinner – tamale pie

lunch – pb and j
dinner – couscous

lunch – soup
dinner out @ Salish Lodge

lunch baked chicken
dinner pot pie

lunch – leftovers
dinner chicken korma

lunch – leftovers
dinner – soup and salad

lunch – eggs and toast
dinner – shrimp burgers

Now if I can stick to that I’ll be happy.

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