Menu: No Really Exercize

I would love to take a moment to tell you I’m the world’s worst exerciser. I just have other things to do with my time and I know how important it is to do but somehow that’s not as motivating as wanting to finish a story because I had a great idea. Thankfully this world contains 2 great tools for helping lazies like me: and DDR. Livestrong is an organization that helps you track calories/foods and exercise like every other weight place but for me it’s the site that makes the most sense and I’m actually really compelled to update it (as opposed to sparkpeople which I hate for some reason). DDR is dance dance revolution which is someone who likes video games and hates gyms stay active in their house.

DDR is actually probably more embarrassing looking than a treadmill but burns similar amounts of calories and the dance music always gets me excited and I can embarrass myself in my small apartment living room. I owe the first time I dropped 10lbs to it so hopefully same deal. Anyway, menu time!

lunch – soup and salad
dinner – (Dr.Who premiere watching) Sonic Screwdrivers, Fishsticks, Custard, and Steamed Vegetables.

lunch – cheese sandwich, strawberries
dinner – soup

lunch -stir fry
dinner – chili

lunch – cous cous
dinner – ravioli

lunch – pb and j sandwhich and apples
dinner – coconut chicken w/ green beans

lunch – leftovers
dinner – rice bake

lunch – pancakes
dinner – shrimp burgers

Have a good one and keep on cooking!

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