Meta: I made one but then I forgot to take a picture

For Monday I did actually make a bento and technically the lunch I have today is a bento as well (though it isn’t in a box).

You’ll have to use your imagination because I made it in about 2 minutes while rushing out the door and never took a picture.
I have a plan to make one and take a picture tomorrow but this is progress so I don’t mind a bit of faultering to get back into the swing of things.
Monday’s lunch: Two small slices of frittata, sugar snap peas and a string cheese

Todays’ lunch: Turkey and cheese sandwhich, tomato and an orange.

Not very bento-y I guess (especially for today) but since I haven’t taken food to work in a while I’m a bit rusty. My plan is to make the bento before I go to sleep tonight which I used to do but my habits have gone by the wayside.

I’m sure that happens to the best of us.

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