Challenge: New Recipes in April

I have really been slacking on cooking ever since I made my cookbook back in December. What I need now is a great challenge to try and get myself motivated again. I also managed to gain quite a bit of weight over the past 2 years (about 10lbs more than I want) so I’m hoping a little home cooking will help with that too.

This is just to keep me present and together with all my recipes (and also use up the 5lbs of free chicken I got from Amazon last week).

For April I’ll be making:

    1. Shrimp and Polenta

– I’ve never made polenta before and I’m excited to give it a whirl. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten it either so very very excited about this one.

    1. Tamale Pie

– Found a vegetarian crockpot version of this recipe

    1. Chicken and Rice Soup

– I usually make soup with noodles (or just vegetables) even though my favorite soups are with rice so I figured I should make a rice soup too!

    1. Lasagna Soup

– too interesting to pass up.

    1. Shakshouka

– eggs + tomatoes = awesome? I see this dish everywhere on blogs but I have no idea what it really is and I’m not sure if I’ll like eggs this way.\

    1. Shrimp Burgers

– I saw this on Frugal Girl and I really love the idea of making burgers out of my favorite flavor of seafood.

    1. Chicken Korma

– Just had this again after years of not eating it (for no particular reason just ordering and making different things) and boy do I love kormas so I guess I should make one.

And that’s it, get ready to hopefully faithfully see these recipes over this month! Better yet they’ll have pictures and notes and keep me cooking and working towards my goals.

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