Weekly Lunches: #27

I don’t know how next week is going to look like or what is going to happen but at least for this week things are pretty easy going. I am always worried that I make boring side dishes but at least I try to keep the main course interesting (plus I like salad, who doesn’t…

Weekly Lunches: #26

I have friends coming to visit today which is pretty exciting but it also means that my husband took off work for the next week so I won’t be making any lunches for a week which is fine, everyone deserves a break now and then.

Weekly Lunches: #25

I kind of made do this week because I’d forgotten a few things from my shopping list since we shopped on Sunday instead of Saturday but it turned out alright in the end. I’m trying to be consistent in quality but stubbornness and ice got in my way.

Weekly Lunches: #24

I think I did a great job this week for the most part. Lots of fun and delicious new recipes which means next week will be more standard fare but you can’t be 110% all the time.

Menu: Eesti Laul

Tonight is the Estonian National Final for picking a song for Eurovision so that’s all I can really think about today but I suppose I will manage to make a menu as well. Very productive day, isn’t it? Saturday leftovers aloo dohi Sunday eggs and toast order sushi 😀 Monday lentil falafel, yogurt sauce, carrots…

Weekly Lunches: #23

Not my most beautiful week of recipes but I did make two new things that both turned out to be delicious so be on the lookout for those recipes in the future.

Weekly Lunches: #22

I’m trying to get back in the game and part of that is actually posting these lunches on time (since I’m obviously not great at posting menus on time – yikes, self call out!). Anyway hopefully from here on out with my new phone I’ll be able to fulfill my idea of actually posting these…

Weekly Lunches: #20

Wow! A round number! Only five more weeks to go in the year and it kind of feels like an accomplishment to have posted 25 (hopefully) out of 52 weeks. I don’t think anyone looks at my blog though so maybe the effort isn’t worth it? *shrug* couscous, salad, apple zucchini and carrot pancakes, yogurt…

Weekly Lunches: #19

I feel like I used to make much more exciting lunches but I can’t seem to get out of this rut? I want to pack more things but it just seems like a big deal over nothing? I don’t know, still thinking about it. Harira, bread, salad, plums Salmon omelette, yogurt with trail mix, apple…