Weekly Lunches: #33

I have been dangerously lax about posting lunches this year and I’m not sure why. I’ve even had trouble keeping up with posting them on Instagram but I guess you can’t do all the things all the time? Either way there’s only a few more weeks left in the year (more like a dozen and…

Weekly Lunches: #32

Trying so hard this week and hopefully next week will be some delicious food too. I think this week was uniquely successful and I managed to get things done towards the beginning of the week so, good job.

Weekly Lunches: #31

I didn’t post this on Instagram so they’re unedited but they’re still pretty okay pictures and I’d rather have a record of them than not I suppose. I’ll do better next week, probably.

Weekly Lunches: #30

I wish I were more consistent with this but this week I was living between two hours and we spent four days of the last week out until midnight or later with friends so just three lunches, yikes!

Weekly Lunches: #29

I think I did really good with the main dishes this week but I always just kind of fall back on fruit and vegetables for side dishes. Nothing wrong with that I suppose but I worry that it’s boring.

Weekly Lunches: #28

Keeping up lunches this year has been much harder even though I obviously keep making them. At least some of the break this time can be attributed to the fact I was out of the country for three weeks.

Weekly Lunches: #27

I don’t know how next week is going to look like or what is going to happen but at least for this week things are pretty easy going. I am always worried that I make boring side dishes but at least I try to keep the main course interesting (plus I like salad, who doesn’t…

Weekly Lunches: #26

I have friends coming to visit today which is pretty exciting but it also means that my husband took off work for the next week so I won’t be making any lunches for a week which is fine, everyone deserves a break now and then.

Weekly Lunches: #25

I kind of made do this week because I’d forgotten a few things from my shopping list since we shopped on Sunday instead of Saturday but it turned out alright in the end. I’m trying to be consistent in quality but stubbornness and ice got in my way.

Weekly Lunches: #24

I think I did a great job this week for the most part. Lots of fun and delicious new recipes which means next week will be more standard fare but you can’t be 110% all the time.