Bento: #34 Work From Home

An odd week because Andrew worked from home so I still made lunches but decided not to pack them and got a little unconventional with the whole thing. Hopefully you think this still counts (at least a little).

Minestrone soup, bread, grapes, salad Spinach and goat cheese quiche, apple, carrots and garlic dip Falafel with yogurt sauce, cucumbers, spiced vegetable couscous Jalapeño mac and cheese, apple Thai Style Red Chicken Curry over Rice

Bento: #33

This week Andrew worked from home but I still packed lunch in boxes because that’s just how I am. Nothing revolutionary about these lunches with the exception of the noodle-less lasagna which looks ugly but was super delicious.

Stir fry noodles, salad, mandarin Pear chutney turnover, salad, grapes, apple Wild rice and mushroom soup, salad, bread, apple Chicken drumsticks, mashed potatoes, green beans, apple Noodle less lasagna, salad, apple, boiled egg

Bento: #32

This was a sort of uneven week but at least it’s still snowing outside so that’s got to count for something.

Black bean and cheese enchilada, salad, apple, peanut butter cookie

Chickpea and Vegetable Curry, rice, apple

Pretzel Rolls with fried egg and cheese, cherry tomatoes, salad, apple

Carrot soup with pesto, salad, pesto rolls

Sweet and sour chicken, rice, carrots and hummus, apple

Bento: #31

This week it’s an attack of plums. Usually I pack a lot of apples but I was feeling like I wanted to pack plums instead but they look so dire in pictures? Hopefully it’ll be a mix next week.

miso ramen with boiled egg, salad, plum potato au gratin, salad, grapes, carrots and hummus vegetable pad thai, couscous salad, plums winter vegetable biscuit bake, couscous salad with golden raisins, plum chicken kerala, rice, grapes, carrots and hummus

Bento: #30

A big round number of bento week posts! How nice. Not a lot to say but I’m working on this thing where 4 out of the 5 bentos are vegetarian or vegan and I don’t know how long I can  keep that up without Andrew noticing but this was a really successful week.

Arancini, dipping sauce, salad, mandarins Sweet potato and turkey meatballs and spaghetti, salad, apple Mushroom and wild rice soup, carrots and hummus, rye bread, grapes Latkes and sour cream dip, grapes, chili-vinegar roasted vegetables Chickpea tikka masala, rice, salad, apple

Bento: #29

I thought about renumbering these for the new year but I don’t think anyone cares and I’m more curious how long I can keep it running before I just get sick of the number thing so for 2018 we’re just going to keep it rolling.

Spätzle with sausage and mushroom ragu, salad

Shrimp and green beans over rice, carrots and hummus

Chicken and Dumplings, salad, apple

Lentil falafel, couscous with vegetables, salad, grapes

Bento: #28

Hurrah! It’s the first bento of the year. I actually made over 150 bentos last year which is pretty impressive and hopefully this year will be as productive (or more).

Pasta with green peas and spinach, salad, apple

Tortilla soup, extra cheddar and tortilla strips, salad, and Apple and probably the worst picture of the year

Sausage and roasted vegetables, salad, grapes

Breakfast burritos and apple. Burritos contain: eggs, beans, rice, onions and pepper, chopped jalepeno, cheddar, salsa, and sour cream

Bento: #27

There’s only one more week in the year so it’s okay that this weeks food is boring and next week might also have boring food but…

Japanese Style Chicken Curry, rice, salad

Spinach and Goat Cheese Quiche, salad, mandarins

Minestrone, salad, apple

Fried cauliflower, rice, soy sauce, carrots and hummus, apple

Bento: #26

This felt like a lot less plums when I was packing them but I guess it’s fine. I was thinking about trying persimmons because they’re pretty cheap here and I don’t quite remember what they taste like? We’ll see.

Egg fried rice, scallion pancakes, plums Creamy orzo with roasted vegetables, tomato soup, plums Chicken noodle soup, Danish carrot roll, apple Bean and Rice Bowl, carrots and hummus, saladTurkey and Cranberry Jam Sandwich, boiled eggs, salad, yogurt with plums

Bento: #25

I had a kind of sad week but actually the food ended up looking really good? Clearly this means I should just be sad all the time :p

Spinach Quiche, carrots and hummus, apple tart, apple

Smoked salmon and cream cheese on black bread, sautéed potatoes and green beans, mandarins

Mac and cheese, loaded salad, apple

Chicken Tikka Masala, rice, carrots and hummus, apple

Lentil Falafel, yogurt dip, salad, tomato soup, banana