Recipe: Harira

I ran across this Moroccan soup a few months ago and figured I’d eventually get around to it and now it’s easily one of my favorites. With a hearty tomato and spice base it contains what seems like an overwhelming amount of things (chickpeas, lentils, and a small amount of meat as well) but that…

Recipe: Udon Noodles

Udon is shockingly easy to make and without any special tools. It’s less work intensive than making spaghetti and less fussy than any egg pasta and again, it needs nothing more than a rolling pin, 5 minutes of work, and a handful of pantry staples. Works great in a quick soup or dipped in soy…

Recipe: Hot and Sour Soup

Hot and sour soup is great for a change of pace from other soups. I really enjoyed this one with noodles but it would be good with rice or some pieces of silky tofu too like the original had.

Recipe: Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup

This soup has a wonderful simplicity to it.  Sometimes coconut in soup can be really cloyingly sweet of overwhelming but in this soup its nicely balanced with the soft flavor of rice and the heartiness of mushroom. Since this takes only a few minutes to come together it’s perfect for when you don’t feel well…

Recipe: Simple Bean Soup

A nice hearty beans and greens type soup that sticks to your ribs in cold weather. Hearty enough to be a meal when paired with some bread or a salad but light enough to be a side dish for a roast dinner too.

Recipe: Coconut Red Curry Chicken and Rice Soup

Everything that you love about curry and chicken and rice soup swirling together in a really satisfying fusion food. This is a delicious no nonsense recipe that can be enjoyed by anyone because you can control the spice level easily between the amount of red curry paste and coconut milk you use.

Recipe: Vegetable Miso Soup

An easy miso soup with a little extra vegetable flare so that you can serve it as a side or dress it up with some cold noodles or a boiled egg for a main course.

Recipe: Black Bean Tortilla Soup

This soup is surprisingly good for how little effort is needed to make it.  Also I served it with a cutting board full of topping options which makes the soup fun too.

Recipe: Creamy Chicken Soup with Sweet Potatoes and Rice

This soup is rich and filling and comes together in only a few minutes of work. I didn’t think I would be a fan of adding milk to chicken soup even though I love broccoli cheddar but it just really works in this case.  I would suggest using only really hardy root vegetables in this…

Recipe: White Bean and Meatball Soup

This heart and filling soup is perfect for a chilly day. In the future I might actually add half the amount of meatballs as it was VERY meatball-y or rolling them smaller might help instead. Either way you can replace white beans with any other beans you have on hand and it probably wouldn’t hurt…