Recipe: Turkeyloaf

This recipe is fairly simple meatloaf made from ground turkey that comes together with only a few minutes of actual work but it tastes really great and also stays well in the fridge or freezer once cooked. This loaf is kept moist with lots of vegetables but it still holds together solidly enough that slices of it can to be used for sandwiches. You can play around with the flavorings, vegetables, and glaze to create your own personal masterpiece.

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Recipe: Makaronia Me Kima

This recipe is basically a Greek staple but I had never heard of it. Salta Kima is basically Greek style of Bolognese. It has cinnamon, cloves, and allspice making it sweet and spicy. It is also the basis for Cincinnati Chili which my husband particularly loves. It’s a pretty unique flavor and like Bolognese it’s extremely easy to make as it just takes time not work to come together, so it’s good for a weekend or a slow day.

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Recipe: Shepherd’s Pie

If you time this right by putting your potatoes up to boil right away you can have this in the oven in 30 minutes or less and on a table in under an hour making it a pretty good weekend meal. There isn’t anything particularly difficult about this and it makes an extremely rustic food that is homey and comforting and can be tweaked to your tastes. You can use almost any vegetables on the inside (or go for just onions and meat if that’s your jam) but whatever you use make sure it is very finely diced which you can accomplish by grating them on the fine side of a box grater or pulsing the vegetables in a blender for a few seconds, you want everything but the peas to basically melt away while cooking down to give you a very uniform texture.

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Recipe: Kibbeh

This recipe is a little time consuming but it’s worth the effort for a special occasion or if you really want something to wow guests. It doesn’t have many ingredients but the flavor is perfect. If you’re feeling a little healthy you can bake these instead of frying them but I haven’t tried that yet so your results may vary.


Recipe: Chili Fries

Take french fries (or really, in this case roasted potatoes) to the next level by adding chili on top of it. This comes together surprisingly quickly and can be topped with anything from cheese to jalapenos and ranch if that’s what floats your boat.

Chili Fries

Recipe: Turkey Bolognese

This is such a simple sauce but it’s absolutely delicious. Served with a wide noodle to pick up all those nice chunks of turkey (or chicken or beef or whatever ground meat you end up using) and tomato there’s really something truly delicious about taking good food and making a good meal. You can add some grated Parmesan on top but I found that if seasoned right, the cheese just didn’t have much to add so it’s all about your taste. You can add in more spices or herbs if you want but I found the perfectly paired down flavors packed a nice punch and with just salt and pepper you’re able to really taste the underlying garlic, olive oil, and balsamic. Sometimes life is better when it’s simple.

Turkey Bolognese

Recipe: Turkey Burger

I’m sure there’s only about 1000 recipes for turkey burgers. In the end it’s basically a reverse meatloaf in some ways but I also thought these burgers came out perfectly and they took less time than I assumed. By adding some finely chopped vegetables to the recipe, I think it keeps them moist while also stretching the amount of burgers you get from a pound of meat.

Turkey Burgers

Recipe: Homemade Spaghettios with Meatballs

This is a delicious change from soup and a nice throwback to a lot of peoples childhoods. I haven’t had Spaghettios in probably over a decade and I’ve never eaten the one with meatballs but I can almost assure you this one is way more delicious than the one in a can and honestly, very easy to make! You can sub in any type of meatballs or leave them out for a vegetarian version.

Homemade Spaghettios with Meatballs

Recipe: Turkey Chili

I have tried a lot of turkey chili dishes in my day but this one is the perfect amount of vegetables and chili with that strong heartiness and spice to it that doesn’t just make it taste like tomato sauce or a sloppy joe. This recipe isn’t soupy or brothy but instead mostly made of ground turkey and beans which leaves you feeling full after.

Turkey Chili