Recipe: Turkeyloaf

This recipe is fairly simple meatloaf made from ground turkey that comes together with only a few minutes of actual work but it tastes really great and also stays well in the fridge or freezer once cooked. This loaf is kept moist with lots of vegetables but it still holds together solidly enough that slices of it can to be used for sandwiches. You can play around with the flavorings, vegetables, and glaze to create your own personal masterpiece.

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Recipe: Chicken Adobo

A set it and forget recipe this takes time but practically no effort to produce delicious and flavorful chicken that is perfect with a nice pile of rice. I always store the leftover sauce and use it to make stir fry. I used only drumsticks the first time but I would actually recommend bone in thighs or a mixture of pieces in the future and to just adjust the cooking time slightly depending on the size of the pieces.

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Recipe: Makaronia Me Kima

This recipe is basically a Greek staple but I had never heard of it. Salta Kima is basically Greek style of Bolognese. It has cinnamon, cloves, and allspice making it sweet and spicy. It is also the basis for Cincinnati Chili which my husband particularly loves. It’s a pretty unique flavor and like Bolognese it’s extremely easy to make as it just takes time not work to come together, so it’s good for a weekend or a slow day.

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Recipe: Salmon in Tomato Coconut Cream Sauce

This is a really delicious and pretty simple dinner. It’s creamy and savory and it comes together in about 20 minutes (basically while your side dish cooks) making it good for week nights or last minute dinner rush since I almost always have the ingredients on hand. It also is one of those dishes that seems fancy but actually it’s not too pricey assuming you live in a place where you can get a decent price on salmon.

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Recipe: Tikka Masala Meatballs

Can you go too far with a mash up? Probably but this one I actually really liked. It’s basically the standard procedure for making meatballs with red sauce except you build the sauce and meatballs up with a different spice profile making them spicy with a sweet, spicy, and creamy sauce. I used coconut milk because its shelf stable and I always have some around but heavy cream in the sauce is probably the way to go. You can serve these with rice, in pitas, or go absolutely mash up wild and serve them on spaghetti or maybe on top of hummus the possibilities are endless.

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Recipe: Chicken Tinga

This is a fairly simple recipe which is basically just spicy chicken in a tomato and onion and chili sauce and there isn’t anything wrong with that. This can be made in a slow cooker really easily also and gets most of its spices and flavors from the can of chilies in adobo. This is great on rice or in a burrito and can be topped with fresh vegetable or served with a salad to round out the meal.

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Recipe: Shepherd’s Pie

If you time this right by putting your potatoes up to boil right away you can have this in the oven in 30 minutes or less and on a table in under an hour making it a pretty good weekend meal. There isn’t anything particularly difficult about this and it makes an extremely rustic food that is homey and comforting and can be tweaked to your tastes. You can use almost any vegetables on the inside (or go for just onions and meat if that’s your jam) but whatever you use make sure it is very finely diced which you can accomplish by grating them on the fine side of a box grater or pulsing the vegetables in a blender for a few seconds, you want everything but the peas to basically melt away while cooking down to give you a very uniform texture.

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Recipe: Fish Ball Paella

I wouldn’t say any of the food I make is authentic in any sense but I kind of feel like I’m sometimes stretching the idea of what some foods are. Either way this is undoubtedly a paella even if I made a small adjustment of not using fresh cod pieces but instead I was gifted minced fish and rolled those into balls. It’s practically the same to switch out the minced fish for fish pieces at the end and I’m sure both are great so feel free to play around with whatever you have on hand.

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Recipe: Squid Ink Pasta with Crab Meat

Even though this looks like a very fiddly meal, it’s actually not a big deal. I’ve been making pasta quite a lot lately since I bought a pasta maker and it’s both really easy and satisfying. You can always buy the squid ink pasta and simply make the topping / sauce which make this a 15 minute meal if you have lump crab or canned crab. For sure this meal turns any night into a very fancy date night.

Squid Ink Pasta with Crab Meat