Recipe: Butter Chickpeas

Despite the title this is actually really easy to make a vegan recipe by replacing the butter with coconut oil instead. You can finish it with some almond milk if you like also. I like to mush half of the chickpeas with a potato masher to get a bunch of different textures and also I think it thickens the recipe without cornstarch. I might try adding more vegetables to this recipe in the future but I really liked its simplicity.

Butter Chickpeas

Recipe: Vegetable Soup

I suspect that the reason I loved this soup so much is because I used homemade stock but sometimes a simple vegetable soup on a cool day is just exactly you need. This one is built with simple vegetables and flavors without any noodles or rice so you just get 100% vegetables all the time (and I suppose some beans too, if you’re feeling it).

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Recipe: Manicotti

I recently learned that the food I thought was manicotti (back in New York) was actually just cannelloni. The difference is subtle but cannelloni is cylinders of pasta stuffed with soft cheese and other things and manicotti is actually soft crepes stuffed with soft cheese and other things. I was a little intimidated to make crepes but actually the process is quite easy and while I haven’t mastered the single hand flip, it isn’t too bad. The crepes and filling can both be made a day ahead if you need to space out the work but this is a great weekend / special occasion dinner that can easily be made in bulk despite being quite complex and is a crowd pleaser.

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Recipe: Onigirazu

I know every website will tell you that onigirazu are like making sushi but easier but it still takes SOME effort to get the hang of making these stacked rice sandwiches. That being said they’re perfect for lunch and you can fill them with whatever you want in my variation they’re packed with lots of vegetables and a spicy-chili olive oil mayo but these are good with canned tuna, breakfast fixings, leftover cooked ground meat or anything you can think of.

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Recipe: Grilled Halloumi Bowl

I’ve come to really appreciate halloumi during my time in Estonia because I can’t usually get paneer in stores and halloumi has the same quality of not melting when heated through which allows for great and delicious ideas like grilled the slices of cheese and putting in on top of a big bowl of couscous, hummus, and vegetables. This 10 minute lunch (or low effort dinner) is loaded with deliciousness.

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Recipe: Crumpets

A British staple filled with nooks and crannies these aren’t available at all in Estonia so when I was craving them I thought I’d be kind of out of luck or that the recipe would be super difficult but I was pleasantly surprised that it’s no more difficult than making pancakes. I used biscuit cutters for the mold rings which was a little annoying but doable. These are really lovely with a bit of jam and cream cheese.

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Recipe: Ash Reshteh

I’d never heard of this soup before making it but it’s apparently very popular in Iran. I can’t say my version of it is particularly authentic or even if it got the spirit since I’ve never had it before but I can say that it was out of this world delicious. I had to use egg pasta and yogurt in place of the standard reshteh and kashk which probably completely the changes the dish but even if you can’t find those the substitutes still make a great tasting dish.

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Recipe: Migas

If you left your tortillas on the counter last now and they are now hard tack or if you have leftover tortillas but not enough to actually fry for chips this is the perfect way to use them up. Migas is supposed to be finest hangover cure as well and considering it’s a bomb of protein and carbs that’s probably not completely inaccurate but I’d stick with the fact that it’s a nice breakfast.

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Recipe: Potato Dumplings

Are these going to win an award for attractiveness? No. But they are really delicious and really simple to make. These are of the multitudes of recipes that calls for “leftover mashed potatoes” which I don’t actually believe in but if you want to eat potatoes but don’t exactly want mashed potatoes this is a great inbetween recipe. This could be the main dish or a side dish and you can make the mashed potatoes ahead of time so that it only takes 15 minutes for an easy last minute dinner.

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