Recipe: Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream

This is a no-churn, no-ice cream maker ice cream but I learned a few tips I need to pass on to you. You have to have really whip the cream in order to get the height and fluffiness from the ice cream. You need to make sure your cream is at least 30% fat or it won’t whip at all. Do not add salt, it will just make it taste salty. Following these rules you too can make ice cream with nearly no effort that tastes really delicious.

Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream

Recipe: Pear and Almond Tart

These tarts have an almond shell, almond filling, and then are topped with syrup soaked pears. They do take a bit of work to make but the result is pretty show-stopping and they taste like a really good pear and almond cookie. This recipe makes 4 tartlets, which should be just enough to small one large tart as well.


Recipe: Portuguese Egg Tarts

Portuguese Eggs Tarts or Pastel de Nata are a staple food in Portugal. I think they might be a national dish even, or at the very least they’re a local dish of Lisbon where I vacationed last year. I made these for Eurovision but they’re actually really easy to make and even easier to eat. This version of them is a creamy, heavier version than I had in Portugal which I actually favor.

Portuguese Egg Tarts

Recipe: Earl Grey Truffles

I’d never made truffles before but it turns out that they’re basically just balls of ganache that has been half-set and rolled up and they took all of a few minutes to make (plus setting time). You can basically make them any flavor by adding ingredients to the cream too.

Earl Grey Truffles

Recipe: Stovetop Chocolate Pudding

Stovetop pudding comes together easily in a couple of minutes and can be made to look extremely fancy for an easy dinner party treat. Top with whipped cream, pieces of fruit, or shaved chocolate for maximum effect or simply eat it right out of the bowl. Also you can sieve all the ingredients to make sure it doesn’t have any lumps at all or you can be like me and take your lumps where they happen.

Chocolate Pudding


Recipe: Strawberry Pop Tarts

I made these on a whim, you can easily use packaged pie crust. The thing is these taste exactly like pop tarts which is good but on the other hand, not as novel as you think. These are good for a quick treat or if you have some jam laying around but I doubt I will be making them again as I’m just not that in to PopTarts.

Strawberry Pop Tarts

Recipe: Simple Chai

This chai is perfect for everyday consumption. You can adjust the sweetness however you like and of course if you like spiciness adding more peppercorns or cayenne will give this a spice but I like the mellow sweet and spiciness of this blend. This is a “single serving” it’s about 12-16oz, I guess technically that’s two but you can pretty much pry it from my cold dead hands and Andrew doesn’t drink tea anyway. You can easily dump more water and milk or milk sub in and get a second “steep” adding back a little bit of nutmeg but I doubt it would go more than three.