Recipe: Lemon and Raspberry Battenberg

Surprisingly this is both a very simple and a very difficult cake to make but I can assure you that guests will be impressed even if you deliver a technically imperfect masterpiece. Since its just one cake recipe all the work is in the assembly so if you’re like me you’ll probably make a mess…

Recipe: Key Lime Pie

Ringing in the New Year a little late with this sweet recipe. Technically this is just regular lime pie as there aren’t any key limes to be found in Estonia but it still counts I think. This recipe comes together with very little effort and is a nice not too sweet dessert for any occasion.

Recipe: Tiramisu Cake

This is a great cake because it tastes like tiramisu but also this recipe has a FANTASTIC cake base. The base of the cake is made pretty differently from how I’m used to making cake and uses a ton of eggs in order to get its lift but it makes such a nice, springy cake…

Recipe: Victoria Sponge Cake

This Victoria Sponge Cake recipe is so easy to make gives absolutely delicious results. It’s butter and not too dry and delicious with a healthy heap of cream.

Recipe: Lemon Snack Cake

This cake was super soft with a delicious layer of lemon curd and a topping of not too sweet frosting. You can make lemon curd from scratch if you’re up to that task but I just buy mine in a jar (no judgement).

Recipe: Kiev Cake

First off, it was very hard to figure out EXACTLY what Kiev cake was. There’s quite a few recipes and I settled on a fairly basic and easy one. But I have to admit that I kind of used a cheaters method to make this cake and maybe when I’m not making it last minute…

Recipe: White Chocolate Cheesecake

This white chocolate cheesecake is dense and delicious and that extra something. Also it’s a one bowl dessert and it tops well with any fruit or chocolate sauce.

Recipe: Vanilla Cake with Earl Gray Buttercream

This is a basic vanilla cake jazzed up with a fun frosting. The cake is a little denser than usual but it has a very moist crumb and the buttercream is subtle and smokey. Be sure to use good quality tea for the best flavor.  

Recipe: Carrot Cake

I thought for a while that I didn’t like carrot cake but after some careful considerate I think I just don’t like the overly sweet commercially made carrot cakes. For this one I doubled the amount of spices to give it an extra kick too.

Recipe: Funfetti Cake

Who doesn’t love funfetti!? Basically a funfetti cake is just white cake in which you dumped a bunched of sprinkles (aka colorful sugar) in to. It really only make the cake better! This is one I did for Gravity Falls party hence the colorful buttercream and fondant designed but you can do whatever you like…