Bento: #8

I’ve gotten in to a pretty nice groove with making lunches these past two months. I feel like I do it really well and this is probably also the most consistent I’ve ever packed lunches that were unique in my life. In college I often packed the same thing for 2-3 days out of the week because of time contrast and here the only problem is storage space (it’s always something).

Pancakes, boiled egg, grapes, salad, orange

Meatball sandwhiches (turkey and sweet potato meatballs on brioche bun with cheese, red sauce), carrots, salad, apple

Pea Soup with goat cheese drizzle and brioche croutons, apple, salad, strawberries, grapes

Japanese style curry, rice, salad, apple

Grilled halloumi salad, spiced couscous with yogurt sauce, orange

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